Increasing the Mileage

I recently increased my running mileage for a charity ” 100 miles in August” challenge. Coming from Rugby where it’s short power sprints, this is a big change.

So what can you do to reduce injury risk if you are increasing the mileage?

  • Increase gradually: Add 10-20% each week and less if intensity/speed/gradient is higher.
  • Add variety: Run on varied surfaces using parks or trails. Different surfaces encourage other muscle groups to work.
  • Vary your workouts: Add intervals, hills, some slower runs, even hikes and walks.
  • Cross training: Add swimming or cycling into your weekly routine. You still get the great benefits to the heart and lungs with much lower impact.
  • Focus on recovery: Optimising sleep and nutrition as you increase your training will help your body recover and adapt.
  • Flexibility: Stretching post run will aid your recovery before the next. Maintaining flexibility will aid your running form.
  • Enjoy: Exercise should be enjoyable. Yes it’s hard work but worth it. Enjoy the benefits you’ve earned.