Irish Womens Rugby World Cup 2014

Some of you will know that my absence during August was due to the fact that I was representing Ireland playing with the Irish Womens Rugby team in the World Cup.

All players on the team, like myself work full time and train in our spare time. This means rising for gym sessions at 6.30am, rushing to evening sessions and weekends away training. We are lucky to be able to do this and make these choices because we love the game and love representing our country.

The Womens Rugby World Cup was held in Paris, France and in our pool we played USA, New Zealand and Kazakstan. We won our pool, including the historic win over New Zealand who had been unbeaten since 1991. Our pool win qualified us for the semi final where we unfortunately lost to the eventual winners England.

Playing and training at this level gives me a unique insight into sports injuries, performance and rehabilitation. This is why, when patients present with sports injuries at North Cork Physio Clinic I can empathise with the urgent desire to return to peak performance and to prevent reoccurrence. The aim at North Cork Physio Clinic is not just to treat the injury but to return the patient to sport as strong as possible.