Summer Footwear: Are flip flops bad for your feet?

Summer footwear can pose problems, with ill fitting or unsupported footwear leading to foot/knee/hip or back pain.

While flip flops may seem like convenient footwear for summer weather, be aware that they are not ideal for walking.  In flip flops we tend to grip with our toes to keep the shoe on hence shortening our stride. They offer very little support or cushioning so again we alter our stride to compensate.

Keep walking to a minimum in flip flops and swap to more suitable footwear for any activity. When choosing a pair opt for a heel strap to reduce the gripping with toes. Select a pair with a good sole that only bends at the toes. If you can bend the sole at any other point, possibly re-consider or keep them for the sun lounger. Ideally the shoe would have a deep heel cup so as to keep your foot in best position and reduce “gripping” with toes.

Bear these points in mind when choosing summer footwear so that no aches or pains will distract from the summer weather.